Coffee & Side tables

Maria Bruun, 2020

The Islets Tables reflects the sculptural minimalism of Danish designer Maria Bruun, who seeks a balance between a sense of lightness of expression and pieces with a strong presence. 

The result is a table with a strong identity, whose construction is based on simple, easy-to-read elements that magnify the natural beauty of wood.

Materials structure and table top in solid oak

Islets Coffee table

110 x 110 cm

3495 €

Islets Side table

40 x 40 cm

1795 €

Maria Bruun

Danish designer Maria Bruun creates unique experiences in form and space. Like a stage designer, she visualises her ideas in a spatial context in relation to her surroundings from the very beginning of her creative process. An approach that contributes to her carefully considered sculptural designs, which are a pleasure to use and to look at.