coffee and side tables


design Ernst & Jensen, 2009 / 2014

Almost like small islands, the Insula tables exude a floating feeling. While the top is a soft organic shape, the base is pointed and angular. Everything is asymmetrical and when combined, the result is a cohesive sense of balance. Designed in three sizes and heights, the coffee tables can be grouped together to form an archipelago or placed individually and can be accompanied by the Insula Picolo side table, available in two heights.

Design duo Ernst & Jensen challenge the status quo with inventive designs rooted in simplicity and inspired by fluid, organic forms. Insula tables showcase their penchant for merging elegance with an unexpected playful element.

Material textured black lacquered aluminium

Model 5190

76 x 72 x H30 cm
1327 €

Model 5191

98 x 95 x H34 cm
1634 €

Model 5192

118 x 121 x H38 cm
2415 €

Model 5198

40 x 47 x H38 cm
945 €

Model 5198

40 x 47 x H58 cm
945 €

Ernst & Jensen

Morten Ernst and Anne-Mette Jensen have achieved international acclaim for their inventive approach to design. Most notably, for their work of symmetrical shapes that strike a perfect balance, organic yet graphic forms and unconventional concepts that challenge the status quo, adding a playful dimension as part of their reputation as exponents of design contemporary danish.