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Entwine VaseΒ 

Mouth blown and handmade, each Entwine vase is unique. Adorned with bands of twisted glass that wrap around the cylindrical vase, you can see their curves through the semi-opaque colored glass. Fill it with your favorite flora or let the vase make a decorative statement on its own.

Material Solid coloured mouth-blown glass with handmade details

Entwine Vase S – H21 x Ø10 cm

Entwine Vase L – H31 x Ø12 cm

Water Swirl VaseΒ 

The mouthblown and oversized Water Swirl Vase recalls a whirl of cascading liquid. With its translucent coloured glass, the vase achieves a light and effortless, almost dancing, expression despite being crafted from solid, massive glass. Fill the vase with flowers or stalks, or style it solo and enjoy how the sun filters through the transparent glass. Enjoy the unique twists and curves of each individual piece, as no two vases are identical.

Material mouth blown glass
Dimensions H47 x Ø14/16 cm

Water Swirl Vase

Water Swirl Vase
Light Yellow

Water Swirl Vase
Moss Green

Water Swirl Vase
Smoked grey

Muses Vases

The Muses vases bear the names of famous muses from Greek mythology, which have been transmitted to us through the writings of the poet Hesiod. Protector goddesses of the arts according to Greek mythology, the muses were the daughters of Mnemosyne, goddess of memory, and of Zeus. Each vase was named after a muse. Made of matt glazed stoneware, the Muses vases can be used in combination as separately, empty or with flowers.

Material glazed stoneware

Clio – Ø13,5 x H30 cm

Talia – Ø13 x H28,5 cm

Calli – Ø17 x H31 cm

Ania – Ø13 x H26 cm

Era – Ø16 x H41 cm