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ATELIER Chairs & bar stool

TAF Studio

Atelier Chair is the fruit of the first collaboration between the Finnish manufacturer Artek and the Swedish TAF Studio. Compact, stackable and versatile, Atelier Chair has been designed for the extensive renovations of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.

The museum commissioned talented designers to re-imagine its public areas. TAF Studio was one of the selected designers. Founded in 2002 by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom, the studio chose to work with Artek to produce the Atelier Chair, drawing on the company’s expertise with wood, and long history of producing iconic designs with a high level of craftsmanship.

Atelier Chair, a universal wooden chair, was created for the main dining hall and was later also chosen to furnish the museum’s auditorium. It derives its name from the concept of the room: the dining hall evokes an artist’s studio, the birthplace of the finalised artworks exhibited throughout the museum.

Dimensions H78 x W42 x D44 cm

Frame and back solid beech, solid ash, solid oak

Seat surface beech veneer, ash veneer, oak veneer

Atelier Chair – Beech

Atelier Barstool – Beech

Atelier Chair – Ash

Atelier Barstool – Ash

Atelier Chair – Oak

Atelier Barstool – Oak

Atelier Chair – Black Beech

Atelier Barstool – Black Beech

Atelier Chair – Dark red Beech

Atelier Barstool – Dark red Beech

Atelier Chair – Green beech

 Atelier Barstool – Green beech

TAF Studio

The Swedish architects Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom have run the architecture and design studio TAF (previously TAF Architects) in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2002.

TAF Studio’s aim is to make ordinary life less ordinary through subtle but effective changes in how products and architecture appear and function.

A recurrent departure point in TAF Studio’s projects is that everyday objects by their very commonness can be made uncommon.