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124° Mirror
Artek – Daniel Rybakken

124° Mirror Daniel Rybakken

One hundred and twenty-four degrees is the precise angle that allows someone placed in the central axis of the mirror not to see himself: instead of his face, he will discover unexpected perspectives on his immediate environment. 

This object will please those who do not like to see themselves and / or who like to discover unexpected faces of the world. This ambivalence is reflected in the functionality of the object itself: it can be used as a classical mirror – for example, above the bathroom sink – or as an object of pure decoration, hanging on a wall or put on a table. 

The version with a tablet adds one more dimension, as the objects that we put there appear to us in 3 simultaneous angles.

The 124° mirror extends the work of the young Norwegian artist Daniel Rybakken on light and reflection.

124° Mirror Daniel Rybakken
124° Mirror Daniel Rybakken

Mirror polished stainless steel sheet + anodised extruded aluminium profile

Medium size's shelf clear or black lacquered solid ash wood

 Delivery assembled in Carry Away package. Made in EU.

124° Mirror Daniel Rybakken
124° Mirror Daniel Rybakken

Medium – Clear lacquered ash – W42 x D18 x H35cm

Medium – Black lacquered ash – W42 x D18 x H35cm

124° Mirror Daniel Rybakken
124° Mirror Daniel Rybakken

Daniel Rybakken

Daniel Rybakken

The son of two designers, Rybakken wanted to become an inventor as a child, and inventiveness is still a value he prizes.

Renowned for his innovative work with light, Rybakken’s collaboration with Artek sees him entering the field of classic industrial design, creating furniture and working with wood, all firsts for the designer.

Rybakken works slowly in his studio situated inside a 19th century former thread factory. He takes on only a few projects a year.

The results, debuted at the Stockholm Design Week in 2017, are striking. Rybakken’s interpretation of minimalism isn’t simply about reduction, something is added, in the case of the Kiila Collection, a sense of playfulness. 

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