Ø350mm – walnut

> Popsicle wall clock

> Eye wall clock

H34 x W76 cm – walnut / brass
Ø765mm –  brass / aluminium

> Turbine wall clock

Ø384mm – American cherry

> Fan wall clock

Ø250mm – wood



wall clock

Ø610mm – chrome / brass

> Star wall clock

Ø610mm – aluminium

> Flock of Butterflies wall clock

Ø430mm – solid walnut

> Polygon wall clock

> Spindle wall clock

Ø455mm – walnut / aluminium

> Wheel wall clock

Ø448mm – black / brass

> Petal wall clock

Popsicle, Fan, Polygon, Petal, Wheel, Spindel, Star and Flock of Butterflies are part of the rich wall clocks collection designed by George Nelson between 1948 and 1960. The collection includes a total of 14 models, which differ in forms, sizes and materials. High-quality quartz clock movement (1.5 volt battery included).
In the same Collection
Ø577mm – solid walnut / aluminium




Polygon, Petal, Wheel, Spindel, Triangle,

Star & Flock of Butterflies wall clocks


George Nelson, 1948-60

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