Cosy fabric
80 % new wool, 20 % polyamide | 450 gr/m2
Cosy is a milled, plain-weave woolen cloth of high quality with a natural, Nordic-inspired character. The subtly variegated colours and coordinated contrast stitching produce a refined visual effect. The visible fibres enhance the cloth’s natural appearance. Cosy facilitates an optimum heat exchange, which provides pleasant thermal conditions for the sitter.
Cosy is available in 10 colours.
Laser fabric
100% Trevira CS polyester | 520 gr/m2
Laser is a sturdy and striking cover fabric with a distinctive woven structure. Easy to care for and durable like sportswear, the fabric is also highly abrasion-resistant. The economical Laser fabric can also be utilised in office environments.
Laser is available in 35 colours.
Olimpo fabric
70 % linen, 30 % viscose | 520 gr/m2
Olimpo possesses a typical linen texture with a very fine and natural overall appearance. The high percentage of linen in Olimpo is clearly evident to the touch, resulting in comfortably cool conditions for the sitter. Thanks to the combination of viscose and linen, the fabric is durable and abrasion-resistant and exhibits a fine sheen.
Olimpo is available in 10 colours.
Dumet fabric
46 % cotton, 22 % viscose, 22 % wool, 10 % linen | 485 gr/m2
Dumet is a cotton blend in a plain weave with a lively appearance. The natural mixed tones create an elegant look with an Italian flair. Dumet is soft and cool to the touch.
Dumet is available in 17 colours.
Credo fabric
95 % new wool, 5 % polyamide | 640 gr/m2
Credo is a durable woolen fabric made of premium worsted yarn with a pleasant feel. The two- and three-tone colours give this fabric a characteristic structure and vibrant appearance. Credo allows for an effective exchange of heat to ensure comfortable thermal conditions for the sitter. The fabric can also be used in office environments.
Credo is available in 12 colours.
Over fabric
21 % linen, 19 % cotton, 60 % viscose | 710 gr/m2
Over is a medium-weight cover fabric with an elegant nubby weave. Its fine lustre is imparted by the high viscose content. The linen and cotton are perceptible to the touch and ensure comfortably cool conditions for the sitter. The harmonious colour palette of Over is inspired by natural hues.
Over is available in 9 colours.
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3-seater with pointed back cushions
3-seater with classic back cushions
2-seater with pointed back cushions
2-seater with classic back cushions
The Suita Sofa system combines light and slender volumes with an industrial and technological aesthetic. The geometrically precise body and cushions seem to float above the sleek, bridge-like aluminium legs, which can be seen as a tribute to mid-century American design. The Suita Sofa family consists of many individual components. These can be used as independent elements or freely combined to adapt to all kinds of interior environments and furnishing needs. The seat and back cushions are available in firm or soft versions.
The Suita Sofa comes in two- and three-seat models with closed ends as well as open versions with a single armrest on the left or right, which can be combined with chaises longues in various widths and lengths.



Suita Sofa


design Antonio Citterio, 2010

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