SMS with high armrest
SMS with low armrest
Cosy fabric
80 % new wool, 20 % polyamide | 450 gr/m2
Cosy is a milled, plain-weave woolen cloth of high quality with a natural, Nordic-inspired character. The subtly variegated colours and coordinated contrast stitching produce a refined visual effect. The visible fibres enhance the cloth’s natural appearance. Cosy facilitates an optimum heat exchange, which provides pleasant thermal conditions for the sitter.
Cosy is available in 10 colours.
Leather Premium
Thickness: 1.1–1.3 mm
Premium leather is a relatively smooth cowhide leather with a flat grain and fine top sheen. It is dyed-through and lightly pigmented. The semi-aniline leather is soft to the touch, like a leather glove.
Premium leather is available in 22 colours.
Standard Leather
Thickness: 1.1–1.3 mm
The standard grade leather used by Vitra is a robust cowhide leather, dyed-through, pigmented and embossed with an even grain pattern. Since it is hard-wearing and easy to maintain, it can also be used in office environments.
Standard leather is available in 8 colours.
Volo fabric
85% new wool, 15% polyamide | 435 gr/m2
Volo is a finely structured wool blend with a refined weave that gives it an elegant appearance. This expressive textile shows strong solid colours to full advantage while simultaneously offering pleasant tactile qualities. With its soft look and appealing texture, Volo is a perfect fit for home interiors, but it is also well suited for use in the contract sector.
Volo is available in 17 colours.
Laser fabric
100% Trevira CS polyester | 520 gr/m2
Laser is a sturdy and striking cover fabric with a distinctive woven structure. Easy to care for and durable like sportswear, the fabric is also highly abrasion-resistant. The economical Laser fabric can also be utilised in office environments.
Laser is available in 35 colours.
Olimpo fabric
70 % linen, 30 % viscose | 520 gr/m2
Olimpo possesses a typical linen texture with a very fine and natural overall appearance. The high percentage of linen in Olimpo is clearly evident to the touch, resulting in comfortably cool conditions for the sitter. Thanks to the combination of viscose and linen, the fabric is durable and abrasion-resistant and exhibits a fine sheen.
Olimpo is available in 10 colours.
Moss fabric
85 % wool, 15 % polyamide | 450 gr/m2
The Panama weave combined with the slub yarn gives the woolen fabric Moss a vibrant look. The grainy feel of the material imbues it with a slightly Nordic character, while the polyamide content in the blend guarantees outstanding technical values.
Moss is available in 16 colours.
Dumet fabric
46 % cotton, 22 % viscose, 22 % wool, 10 % linen | 485 gr/m2
Dumet is a cotton blend in a plain weave with a lively appearance. The natural mixed tones create an elegant look with an Italian flair. Dumet is soft and cool to the touch.
Dumet is available in 17 colours.
Credo fabric
95 % new wool, 5 % polyamide | 640 gr/m2
Credo is a durable woolen fabric made of premium worsted yarn with a pleasant feel. The two- and three-tone colours give this fabric a characteristic structure and vibrant appearance. Credo allows for an effective exchange of heat to ensure comfortable thermal conditions for the sitter. The fabric can also be used in office environments.
Credo is available in 12 colours.
Aura fabric
97 % new wool, 3 % polyamide | 390 gr/m2
The woolen textile Aura has a classic satin (atlas) weave with a fine, soft surface. This fabric is distinguished by a supremely soft feel, lustrous sheen and smooth even surface. The solid and mixed colours feature dynamic, highly saturated tones made possible by wool’s excellent dyeability.
Aura is available in 26 colours.


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Panamone fabric
100 % cotton | 780 gr/m2
Panamone is a soft, yet sturdy cotton fabric in a natural-looking heavy-texture weave. The clear, minimalist impression made by the thick yarn lends the fabric a uniquely distinctive character.
Panamone is available in 5 colours.
Fuerte fabric
42% viscose, 40% cotton, 18% wool | 530 g/m2
Fuerte is a plain-weave fabric with a lively blend of natural fibres and viscose, which gives it a fine texture and cool touch. With its natural colours and high moisture absorption, Fuerte is especially well suited for warm regions.
Fuerte is available in 4 colours.
Over fabric
21 % linen, 19 % cotton, 60 % viscose | 710 gr/m2
Over is a medium-weight cover fabric with an elegant nubby weave. Its fine lustre is imparted by the high viscose content. The linen and cotton are perceptible to the touch and ensure comfortably cool conditions for the sitter. The harmonious colour palette of Over is inspired by natural hues.
Over is available in 9 colours.
Maize fabric
100 % new wool | 515 gr/m2
Maize is a heavy-weight woolen textile. Slub and worsted yarns with an irregular balance between warp and weft create a natural handwoven character. The high-contrast duotone shades define the visual appearance of Maize and give the fabric its lively depth.
Maize is available in 19 colours.
Brink fabric
80 % new wool, 20 % polyamide | 320 gr/m2
Brink is a soft classic fabric with high wool content and a fine bouclé weave, which creates its characteristic surface texture. The interplay of the yarn structure with the harmonious palette results in a distinctive aesthetic for a wide array of furnishings.
Brink is available in 20 colours.
Different cushions are available as an option: neck cushions (filled with plastic beads) or decorative cushions (with PU chips and PU beads). The neck cushions are available in short or long variants and the decorative cushions come in three sizes: 30x40cm, 40x40cm and 50x50cm.
Neck cushions
short  /  long
Decorative cushions
30x40cm / 40x40cm / 50x50cm


some examples

compose your sofa

corner sofa
Maize fabric, colour cream / steel grey
Cushions & short neck cushion
3-seater sofa and ottoman
Maize fabric, colour cream / steel grey
Short neck cushion
2-seater sofa and ottoman
Maize fabric, colour brick / beige.
Long neck cushion
2-seater sofa with chaise longue
Maize fabric, colour cream / steel grey
Cushions & short neck cushion
Sectional drawing of upholstery construction
The construction of the Soft Modular Sofa provides outstanding comfort: the underlying foundation is a box-like wooden frame, which rests on individually height-adjustable legs concealed by the black base frame. No-sag springs (steel springs) are integrated in the wooden frame in the seat area. These ensure that the cushions return to their original shape after use and prevent ripples from forming in the cover material.
The seat and back cushions consist of two optimally coordinated types of foam with varying degrees of firmness. The upholstery construction is completed with a layer of viscoelastic foam, which keeps the sitter from sinking too deeply into the seat.
All these elements are carefully balanced in a way that enables the Soft Modular Sofa to be offered in only one upholstery version while still satisfying the comfort needs of almost all customers. Fabric and leather covers have the same underlying upholstery.
No animal feathers are utilised in the upholstery. This avoids the typical rustling associated with such materials and also makes the Soft Modular Sofa suitable for people who are allergic to animal feathers.
The Soft Modular Sofa is Jasper Morrison's current interpretation of what has become a modern classic: the low-slung modular sofa with a decidedly horizontal emphasis. Uniting carefully composed proportions, great comfort and a conscious renunciation of decorative details, the Soft Modular Sofa exemplifies the characteristics of this sofa type in their purest form. Firmly in line with his philosophy of 'super normal' design, Jasper Morrison has successfully coupled home-like informality with precise finishing and expressive clarity. As a result, the Soft Modular Sofa functions like an architectural element that can be subtly integrated in any interior.
The voluminous cushions invite the sitter to lounge and relax on the Soft Modular Sofa. Its high-quality interior construction, consisting of various foams and a spring core, offers superb comfort and ensures that the cushions return to their original form after use. On one hand, the black base frame is part of the functional design, enabling a practical and stable connection of the modules. On the other, as a plinth-like platform with rounded corners, it references the sensual elegance of art deco.
Thanks to its modular design with side, corner and central elements as well as a chaise longue, the size and form of the Soft Modular Sofa can be customised to meet a diverse range of requirements. And with optional elements like the ottoman and additional cushions as well as the wide selection of leather and fabric covers in a variety of colours, each desired configuration can be even further individualised.
Seat steel frame, wood construction with steel springs, polyurethane foam structure and visco cover.
Back wood construction with polyurethane foam structure and chamber cushion overlay.
Arms Available in 2 heights. Wood construction with polyurethane foam structure and chamber cushion overlay.
Covers fabric covers are removable; leather covers cannot be removed.
Glides plastic glides with levelling adjustment.
Ottoman structure wood construction, steel springs and polyurethane foam structure with visco cover.
Glides plastic glides with levelling adjustment.



Soft Modular Sofa


design: Jasper Morrison, 2016

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