Volo fabric
85% new wool, 15% polyamide | 435 gr/m2
Volo is a finely structured wool blend with a refined weave that gives it an elegant appearance. This expressive textile shows strong solid colours to full advantage while simultaneously offering pleasant tactile qualities. With its soft look and appealing texture, Volo is a perfect fit for home interiors, but it is also well suited for use in the contract sector.
Volo is available in 17 colours.
Laser fabric
100% Trevira CS polyester | 520 gr/m2
Laser is a sturdy and striking cover fabric with a distinctive woven structure. Easy to care for and durable like sportswear, the fabric is also highly abrasion-resistant. The economical Laser fabric can also be utilised in office environments.
Laser is available in 35 colours.
Mariposa are made on order. Delivery time is approx. 8 weeks.
The padding on the webbed frame is made of foam in two different densities with varying degrees of firmness. The detach- able seat cushions have a visco and polyurethane foam core surrounded by a chamber cushion filled with feathers and polyurethane rods. This upholstery technique allows users to sink in, providing comfort in both seated and reclined positions.
The individually adjustable side and back panels consist of a hinged frame with upholstery webbing, covered with polyure- thane foam and fibre padding.
The loose back and armrest cushions are chamber cushions, filled with stripped-quill feathers and polyurethane rods.
Corsaro fabric
46 % acrylique, 20 % wool, 14 % polyester, 10 % cotton, 5 % linen, 5 % polyamide | 450 gr/m2
Corsaro is a sophisticated combination of fine and coarse yarns that give the fabric a natural look with a Mediterranean flair. The two-tone and three-tone shades interwoven with several novelty yarns add particular vibrancy to large surface areas.
Corsaro is available in 13 colours.
Iroko 2 fabric
40 % cotton, 40 % viscose, 20 % polyester | 750 gr/m2
Iroko 2 is a soft, flat woven fabric made with chenille yarn. The piles in the yarn give the weave a lively surface texture with an inviting, velvety touch. The fabric's cotton fibres provide excellent cooling properties.
iroko 2 is available in 17 colours.

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Olimpo fabric
70 % linen, 30 % viscose | 520 gr/m2
Olimpo possesses a typical linen texture with a very fine and natural overall appearance. The high percentage of linen in Olimpo is clearly evident to the touch, resulting in comfortably cool conditions for the sitter. Thanks to the combination of viscose and linen, the fabric is durable and abrasion-resistant and exhibits a fine sheen.
Olimpo is available in 10 colours.
Moss fabric
85 % wool, 15 % polyamide | 450 gr/m2
The Panama weave combined with the slub yarn gives the woolen fabric Moss a vibrant look. The grainy feel of the material imbues it with a slightly Nordic character, while the polyamide content in the blend guarantees outstanding technical values.
Moss is available in 16 colours.
Dumet fabric
46 % cotton, 22 % viscose, 22 % wool, 10 % linen | 485 gr/m2
Dumet is a cotton blend in a plain weave with a lively appearance. The natural mixed tones create an elegant look with an Italian flair. Dumet is soft and cool to the touch.
Dumet is available in 17 colours.
Credo fabric
95 % new wool, 5 % polyamide | 640 gr/m2
Credo is a durable woolen fabric made of premium worsted yarn with a pleasant feel. The two- and three-tone colours give this fabric a characteristic structure and vibrant appearance. Credo allows for an effective exchange of heat to ensure comfortable thermal conditions for the sitter. The fabric can also be used in office environments.
Credo is available in 12 colours.
Aura fabric
97 % new wool, 3 % polyamide | 390 gr/m2
The woolen textile Aura has a classic satin (atlas) weave with a fine, soft surface. This fabric is distinguished by a supremely soft feel, lustrous sheen and smooth even surface. The solid and mixed colours feature dynamic, highly saturated tones made possible by wool’s excellent dyeability.
Aura is available in 26 colours.

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The Mariposa can be customized by the choice of fabric and colour. Do not hesitate to contact us to talk directly of your project. We also have at your disposal a wide collection of fabric samples, we will gladly send it you free of charge (against deposit).
> Ottomans Large & Medium
> Mariposa 2 ½-seater sofa
> Mariposa 3-seater sofa
> Mariposa 2-seater sofa
> Mariposa Love seat

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The Mariposa Sofa radiates an inviting aura of spacious comfort – and yet maintains a subtly understated presence thanks to its balanced proportions. The sofa owes its extraordinary comfort, on the one hand, to the pleasantly soft upholstery, which completely surrounds the sitter and prevents contact with any hard structural elements. On the other hand, an ingenious adjustment mechanism makes it possible to individually tilt the side and backrest elements for various sitting or reclining positions. With these special features, the Mariposa Sofa offers an inviting place to prop up your feet and relax.
– Structural frame: webbed metal frame with polyurethane foam.
– Seat cushions: polyurethane and visco foams with chamber cushion overlay. Chamber cushion overlay filled with feathers and PU rods.
– Back and armrest cushions: chamber cushion filled with stripped-quill feathers and PU rods.
– Glides: plastic glides with levelling adjust- ment.
– Covers: removable.



Mariposa Sofa


design Edward Barber et Jay Osgerby, 2014

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