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‘Special is generally less useful than normal’: this statement sums up Jasper Morrison’s guiding principle for creating designs that are not extraordinary but rather ‘super normal’ and – just like HAL – that show deference to the dictates of daily life. With HAL, he has reinterpreted the multifunctional shell chair and created a versatile family of chairs with a clean contemporary look. The shape of the seat shell provides great freedom of movement in a variety of sitting positions – even sideways or astride the chair.
The wooden base can be combined with a seat shell in polypropylene (HAL Wood), in plywood (HAL Ply Wood) or with a lightly padded shell covered in leather (HAL Wood Leather).  The related HAL Armchair rounds out the HAL family
Hal WoodSeat shell: dyed-through polypropylene (8 colors available).
Hal Ply WoodSeat shell: plywood (3 finishes available).
Hal Leather Wood Seat shell: polypropylene covered in split leather (4 colors available).
Base non-stackable wooden base in natural oak, dark oak or black-pigmented walnut.



Hal Wood chair


design Jasper Morrison, 2010/2014

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