basic dark powder coated (30)
smooth white (12)
smooth black (30)
HPL laminate table top
chrome (01)
On account of its resemblance to a surfboard, the low elliptical coffee table ETR (Elliptical Table Rod Base) quickly acquired the nickname 'surfboard table‘. With its twin chrome-plated base elements and laminated top in black or white, the table’s construction takes up a common theme in the work of Charles and Ray Eames, namely that of bent steel wire welded together to make a rigid structure.
Table top Plywood, hard laminate surface. Available in black and white.
Base Chrome-plated steel wire or epoxy basic dark finish.
Dimensions  L226.7 x W74.6 x H25.5cm



Elliptical coffee table ETR


design Charles & Ray Eames, 1951

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