sand melange (06)
stone melange (05)
bamboo melange (09)
canola melange (07)
dark brown melange (02)
black melange (13)
dark grey melange (03)
dark blue melange (04)
steel blue melange (11)
graphite melange (12)
pepper melange (10)
sierra melange (08)
pale blue melange (01)



Corsaro fabric

Corsaro is a sophisticated combination of fine and coarse yarns that give the fabric a natural look with a Mediterranean flair. The two-tone and three-tone shades interwoven with several novelty yarns add particular vibrancy to large surface areas. Corsaro is available in 13 colours.
Material  46% acrylics, 20% wool, 14% polyester, 10% cotton, 5% linen, 5% polyamide
Weight  450 g/m²
Abrasion resistance  35,000 Martindale
Fastness to light  Type 5
Fastness to rubbing  Grade 3–4 dry and wet
Pilling  Grade 3–4
room by room 
clothes, bags, acces.