The Ceramic clocks were designed by Georges Nelson in 1953, but had never been produced in series before. Vitra is now launching their production, based on the original plans and prototypes of the designer. The Ceramic Clocks are available in 3 models with original and fun geometric shapes. These small clocks will brighten up your interior with their beautiful colours and their soft finishes.
Materials  Glazed porcelain. Hands made of sheet metal. High-quality quartz clock movement (1.5 volt battery included).
Dimensions  Model 1 : W13 x D8.5 x H19 cm | Model 2 : W15.5 x D9.5 x H22.5 cm | Model 3 : W15 x D9 x H17 cm.
model 3
model 2
model 1



Ceramic clocks


design Georges Nelson, 1953

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