Hopsak fabric – Price group 1
100% polyamide | 550 gr/m2
Hopsak is an expressive, flat plain-weave fabric made of polyamide. The duotone colours offer a multitude of design possibilities in high-contrast, brightly hued or subtle combinations of warp and weft threads. Highly durable and robust, Hopsak can be used in private interiors as well as public areas.
Hopsak is available in 28 colours.
Netweave – Price group 1
28% polyester, 72% PVC | 510 gr/m2
Netweave is a semi-transparent, self-supporting mesh fabric. Despite being extremely robust, Netweave has an elegant and airy appearance. Netweave is available in 3 colours for the Aluminium Chair.
Netweave is available in black, grey and white.
Premium Leather – Price group 3
Thickness 1,1-1,3 mm, semi-aniline  leather
Premium leather is a relatively smooth cowhide leather with a flat grain and fine top sheen. It is dyed-through and lightly pigmented. The semi-aniline leather is soft to the touch, like a leather glove.
Premium leather is available in 22 colours.
Leather – Price group 2
Thickness 1,1-1,3 mm, pigmented leather
The standard grade leather used by Vitra is a robust cowhide leather, dyed-through, pigmented and embossed with an even grain pattern. Since it is hard-wearing and easy to maintain, it can also be used in office environments.
Standard Leather is available in 8 colours.
front side with leather /
back side with Plano fabric
front side with leather Premium /
back side with Plano Fabric
Aluminium Chair EA 104
swivel chair, with armrest
Aluminium Chair EA 103
non swivel chair, with armrest
Aluminium Chair EA 101
non swivel chair, without armrest
The Aluminium Chairs EA101, EA103 and EA104 by Charles and Ray Eames are ideal for using in combination with tables: in comparison to the other models in the Aluminium Group, they are somewhat lighter, narrower and higher. Thanks to the wide selection of subdued or bright upholstery colours, it is easy to find the perfect chair for any dining room interior. The three models differ in the type of base – fixed or swivel – and whether they come with armrests.
The Aluminium Chair is one of the greatest furniture designs of the twentieth century. Charles and Ray Eames originally designed it in 1958 for the private residence of an art collector in Columbus, Indiana (USA). For the construction of this chair, the designer couple abandoned the principle of the seat shell, instead stretching a panel of fabric or leather between two aluminium side members to create a taut but elastic seat. The chair adapts to the body of the sitter and is exceedingly comfortable, even without elaborate upholstery.
Aluminium Chair EA 101 is a non swivel chair without armrest. Aluminium Chair EA 103 is a non swivel chair with armrest. Aluminium Chair EA 104 is a swivel chair with armrest.



Aluminium Group

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Charles & Ray Eames, 1958

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