85% wool / 15% polyamide – 25 available colours – 200.000 Martindale (durability)
92% wool / 8% nylon – 27 available colours – 60.000 Martindale (durability)
58% wool / 25% viscose / other – 24 available colours – 50.000 Martindale (durability)
100% wool – 27 available colours – 45.000 Martindale (durability)
100% wool – 24 available colours – 45.000 Martindale (durability)
100% wool  – 56 available colours – 45.000 Martindale (durability)
90% wool / 10% nylon – 50 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
90% wool / 10% nylon – 37 available colours – 80.000 Martindale (durability)
70% wool / 30% viscose – 58 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
> price group 2
90% wool / 10% helanca – 47 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
> price group 1
Yellow / White
(fabric Hallingdall 65 - 407)
White / Black
(fabric Steelcut Trio 2 - 124)
(fabric Hallingdall 65 - 180)
(fabric Steelcut Trio 2 - 553)
Via57 building in New York
The Via57 chair is easily customizable with Kvadrat fabrics. Explore the different upholstery ranges by clicking on the links below, select the ones which interest you and request large samples to confirm your choice. Your lounge chair will be made especially for you by Fritz Hansen in about 6 weeks. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for advice!

Customize your Via57 Lounge Chair

Ready Made Via57 – Designer Selection Colours

Dark Brown
(fabric Steelcut Trio 2 - 383)
As many models that played a part in Fritz Hansen history, the lounge chair VIA57 has been drawn to supply a specific place, the VIA 57WEST building, by the architect Bjarke Ingels from BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) agency for his skyscraper W57 inaugurated in 2016 in Manhattan. VIA47 was created as an adaptable element to the contemporaneous life. That supposes frequent redesigning: its form allows to be gathered in pairs to create a small sofa which is favorable to conversations, scattered in a large lounge space to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere, or used as unique piece in a living room.
VIA57 chair is the work of the Danish collective KiBiSi, composed of Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels and Jens Martin Skibsted, whose works are exposed in many museums as the MoMA in New York and the National Center for the Plastic Arts in Paris. VIA57 is composed by a metallic structure, garnished with a polyurethane foam. Two different foam densities are available. That allows to obtain a firm comfort in depth and smooth in surface. The excellent quality of the used Kvadrat fabrics (Hallingdal 65 and Steelcut Trio) allows to keep the form when we sit down. Oak legs support the whole without any heaviness.
Dimensions D91 x W98 x H78 – Seat height 41,7cm
Guaranty 5 years for legs and fabric, 10 years for the shell.

Fritz Hansen


VIA57  lounge chair


design KiBiSi, 2016

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