A pretty black, off white and pink Unikko 128 pattern is in bloom on this relaxed Ludzia dress. The dress has a small round neckline, bell-shaped sleeves that are dropped at the shoulder, a horizontal seam at the waist and an A-line hem that drops down to the knees. 100% crepe viscose.

> Ludzia Unikko dress

The Eine shirt is made of viscose crepe in a black, off white and pink Unikko 128 pattern. This loose-fit shirt has large three-quarter sleeves, a below-hip hemline and a detachable belt that can be tied into a bow at the waist either at the front or the back. Loose fit. 100% crepe viscose.

> Eine Unikko blouse

key chains
100% leather. Height 10.3cm. Width 9.5cm.
Unikko (poppy) was born in 1964 after Armi Ratia, Marimekko's founder, had announced that Marimekko would never print a flower pattern. Maija Isola refused to obey Armi's order and - in protest - created an entire serie of gorgeous floral prints. One of them was Unikko which has become a story of creativity, strength, courage and faith in oneself.

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pattern designed by Maija ja Kristina Isola, 1964

> Perla key chain

70% cotton, 28% polyamide, 2% elastane.
crepe viscose

> Hieta ankle socks

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