The Tres Vegetal model, presenting a rustic style thanks to the use of hemp. This hand-spun fibre was chosen due to its biodegradable nature, lightweight yet resistant and, above all, to connect with the passion of the brand for nature.
The beauty of this collection, a flat weave created in India, lies in the irregularities generated by the crossing of the fibres and their different thicknesses, but also in the shades of beige, ivory or off-white fibres.
Dimensions 170 x 240 cm, 200 x 300 cm and 300 x 400 cm Materials 12% New Zeland wool, 23% wool felt, 65% hemp Technique hand loomed Total height 6 mm Weight 2,5 kg / ㎡
Antislide pad included
Special dimensions available on order: please ask
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Tres Vegetal rug collection


design Nani Marquina

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