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The Tom Dixon's Eclectic Scent collection brings together scented candles meant to evoke travel, trade and the energy and enthusiasm of British life. London, Orientalist and Royalty candles are presented in three different tumblers: one of copper, the other one of brass and the last one of nickel, and topped by a solid Morwad marble lid. They are available in two sizes, medium and large, as well as gift set (without lid).
London: floral fragrance of the London parks with nettles and crocus, mingled with the salty smell of the Thames at Dagenham and the smell of red bricks. Copper tumbler.
Orientalist: smell of rose petals and cinnamon sticks reminding India, mingled with a musky odor evoking Chinese herbal markets. Brass tumbler.
Royalty: fragrance evoking English Tea time with Earl Grey tea, scones and jam. Nickel tumbler.
Specifications: 50% soy, 50% paraffin. Paper with wax core wick. Burning time approximately 60hrs (medium size) or 70hrs (large size). The candles from the gift set have a burning time of approximately 20 hours.

Tom Dixon


Eclectic Scent Collection


London – Orientalist – Royalty Scented Candles


design : Tom Dixon, 2013

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