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The Elements Scented Candles, created in London by Tom Dixon, includes Water, Earth, Fire and Air. It's a game with the Elementary elements, present in all medieval alchemist tradition where everything is supposed to be reductable into this four simple elements.
Air is light and crisp, with floral notes of pink pepper, white tea, Neroli oil, orange flower and white musk.
Water combines a cool and sharp maritime saltiness through the blending of watermelon, cedar wood and amber musk's.
Fire is a complex assemblage of Cypriol oil, musk and amber to construct the scent of smoky scorched timber and hot dry tarmac.
Earth is a mysterious concoction of mint, guaiac wood and cedar wood creating a rich and mossy freshness. A celebration of the bare essentials.

Tom Dixon


Elements Scented Candles


Air – Fire – Earth – Water


design : Tom Dixon, 2014

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