Teema - black colour

Teema - turquoise colour

Teema - light blue colour

Teema - pearl grey colour

Teema - dotted blue colour

Teema - dotted grey colour

Teema - red colour

Teema - white colour

No other cup sits in the hand quite as snugly as the Teema mug designed by Kaj Frank in 1952. A Scandinavian household staple, it melds form and function with rare finesse.
Celebrating 60 years in 2012, one of the purest realisations of his work, Teema is a lasting testament to Kaj Franck’s contribution to good company.
Colours white, black, pearl grey, turquoise, light blue, dotted blue, dotted grey and red



Teema tableware


design Kaj Franck, 1952

clothes, bags, acces. 
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