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400x120cm table – height 74cm

400x95cm table – height 74cm

320x120cm table – height 74cm

320x95cm table – height 74cm

250x120cm table – height 74cm

250x95cm table – height 74cm

200x120cm table – height 74cm

200x95cm table – height 74cm

160x80cm table – height 74cm

white frame, white laminate table top, plywood edges
black frame, black lino table top, black edges



T12 table


design Hay

The number 12 refers to the curvature on the frame and table top which all have a 12 mm radius. Initially the designers behind the table were inspired by the first version of the iPod which was square but the softly curved edges made it pleasant to touch. To add softness to the square table the edges were designed with strong roundings of 12 mm – after that the rest seemed more or less obvious – we just stuck to the 12 mm, which are repeated on frame, legs and corners. The result is a table tight in its design but not edged and uncomfortable to sit at, and because the roundings are general the table presents itself with a visual unity and a coherent.
9 sizes available  tables with 4 legs: 160x80xH74cm / 200x95xH74cm / 250x95xH74cm / 200x120xH74cm / 250x120xH74cm – tables with 6 legs: 320x95xH74cm / 320x120xH74cm / 400x95xH74cm / 400x120xH74cm
Frame powder coated steel and casted aluminium.
Table top white laminate with plywood edges or Black linoleum with black edges.
All tables have a table top in one part, except for the 400x120cm version, whose table top is in 2 parts.
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