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I – conceive
black metal
grey metal
white metal


white ABS bowl shelves
metal rods – H8cm
> wall plexi side panels (2-pack)

colours & materials

metal shelves with high edge – width 78cm
metal shelves with high edge – width 58cm
metal shelves with low edge – width 78cm
shoe shelves – width 78cm
wood magazine shelf – width 58cm
wood magazine shelf – width 78cm

magazine shelves

filling cabinet
chest 2 drawers – width 58cm
cabinets with sliding doors – depth 20cm
> wall metal side panels (1-pack ou 2-pack)
> floor metal side panels (1-pack ou 2-pack)
hanger rack – 2-pack
coat hanger – 4-pack
bottle tray (for 2 bottles)
magazine holder – 17x27 cm
organizers – 3-pack
grid for wall – 40x40 cm

bowl shelves

felt bowl shelves
shoe shelves – width 58cm
working desk
metal shelves with low edge – width 58cm

perforated metal shelves

metal hooks – H9cm
metal magazine shelf – width 78cm

folding table & working desk

folding table
cabinet with mirror sliding doors
chest 2 drawers – width 78cm
cabinets with sliding doors – depth 30cm
display cabinet with glass sliding doors

cabinets and chests

grey laminate
white laminate
oak veneer
black stained ash veneer
ash veneer
walnut veneer


side panels


String furniture


String System

modular shelving system


design Nils Strinning

It may seem strange that something as humble as the String shelves will be imposed as a design classic, but some things so perfectly reflect their times that they become timeless. Initially, a competition launched by the great Swedish publisher Bonnier in 1949: if the Swedes wanted to buy books, they needed a practical, inexpensive and easy to assemble bookshelf system. Nisse Strinning had a flash of genius and, of course, won the first prize.
String shelves are successful for over sixty years with their blend of modularity, simplicity and lightness aesthetics, enhanced by today's fresh colors.
String System is a modular shelving system designed by Swedish architect Nils Strinning. It consists of various basic elements - desk, shelves, amounts - that can be combined according to individual needs and characteristics of each space. Its lightness and adaptability have made it a classic Swedish design, wich success continues for many years. String system is available in white, grey, oak, walnut, ash and black stained ash.
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