SKY planter, by Boskke

Plants are naturally beautiful, but nothing prevents to add a touch of poetry. Planters Sky Boskke invite us to put their head down and their roots in the sky, just to vary a little bit benchmarks and positions:
"We wanted to change the way people enjoy plants in their living space, says designer Patrick Morris. We believe that interiors should also be a beautiful and peaceful glades. But how to put more green in the home without cluttering the floor space? We do not like plants relegated to the corner of the room. With Sky gardener, they take the lead in the home. "
Planters Sky based on a clever double system: one ceramic lid keeps the plant and land, while a reservoir supplies the plant up and feed without spilling or dripping onto the floor. Thus, just fill the tank once or twice a month to feed the plant.
The planters can be hung from the ceiling by a cable or hang to the the wall by a peg minimalist metal.
The gardener Sky Patrick Morris earned the price of 'Forum of the ceramic industry' in the the United Kingdom and the silver medal of the New Zealand Institute of Design.
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