Louis Poulsen

LP Cité pendant

design Julie Richoz, 2016
LP Cité is a large lighting (height 80cm) designed for installation at important heights (from 3m and up), for large rooms such as halls and auditoriums. Its 51W LED light source provides confortable and energy efficient downward directed light. The structure distributes the light internally in the pendant and creates a beautiful interplay of light – or shadow play, with the 8 curved surfaces illuminated gradually and harmoniously. Since the LED light source supports stepless dimming, the fixture can also be used in reception areas. Its design looking like a skyline and its white colour provide a strong presence, harmonious and calm.
It was love at first sight when Louis Poulsen first met the young Swiss-born designer Julie Richoz at a design event. Julie made such a good impression on the light manufacturer that they decided to give her this important project – a new illustration of Louis Poulsen's ability to take risks and explore new directions.
Size Ø 39.3xH80.8 cm
Finish Shades: Mat white powder coated, Top: Aluminium coloured powder coated, Reflector: Powder coated high reflective white, Diffuser: Glossy.
Material Shade: Aluminium, Top: die-cast aluminium, Reflector: Aluminium, Diffuser: PMMA, Wire: High tensile steel.
Mounting Suspension type: Cable 5x0,75mm² & wire. Canopy: Yes. Cable length: 4m.
Weight Min: 7.2 kg Max: 7.7 kg
Light source 51W LED 3000K (cool light), light intensity 3606lm.
Lighting control DALI, DIM 1-10V
Class Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground.
KEY FEATURES Primarily suited to rooms with high ceilings, comfortable light distribution, fascinating play of light in the luminaire when lit, suspension results automatically in random patterns, harmonic, sculptural design, emits downward light, illuminates itself, can be suspended at a variety of heights, ideal for repetitive installations, great architectural versatility
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