Thanks to the vintage trend, rattan furniture is back on the front of the stage. Created in 1950, the Danish company Sika Design, world leader in rattan furniture, has some rattan furniture masterpieces in its catalog, such as the first seat designed by Arne Jacobsen and other classics by danish designers Nanna Ditzel and Viggo Boesen. In addition to the Icons collection (handmade in Denmark), Sika design offers a more affordable range of rattan furniture (Originals collection, handmade ​​in Indonesia) and an outdoor  collection.
Even though rattan furniture is back on the stage, rattan remains unknown. Here are some facts about it: 1) Rattan is one of the fastest growing plants and transforms CO2 into clean air 2) it is a very strong and durable material 3) Its production does not require polluting machines 4) rattan furniture is 100% natural, and does not require glue or toxic products 5) rattan, unlike bamboo which is hollow, is a solid wood.

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