The Shorebird are turned from solid oak and their simple unadorned silhouette gives them an almost stylized expression. At the same time, a great deal of care has been paid to the small details such as variations in body thicknesses, neck length, and the positioning of the legs and beak.
The largest of the three birds is inspired by the curlew, with its long neck and distinguished, downwardly bent beak.
Colours white / white, black / black, oak / sea blue, oak / white et oak / black.
Dimensions small: H7,5 x W11,5 x D4,5 cm – medium: H11 x W15 x D5,5 cm – large: H14 x W22 x D6,5 cm.
Materials oak and lacquered steel.
Care Clean with a damp cloth.

Normann Copenhagen


Shorebird wood figures


design Sigurjon Palsson

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