The Serge Mouille Editions (ESM) are the result of the meeting of his widow, Gin Mouille, and Claude Delpiroux in 1999. Located near Monthiers, in the south of Aisne, where Serge Mouille had his workshop, Serge Mouille Editions resumed the manufacturing of these lightings with the same forms, colours, dimensions and handmade manufacturing process. In fact, Serge Mouille always refused the industrial manufacturing in order to keep the particular aspect of the handmade hammering that he learnt with Gabriel Lacroix.
The ESM collection gathers 35 products – floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps or table lamps -, available in black or white. Each product is handmade, numbered and accompanied by an authencity certificate. In cases of doubt, don't hesitate to consult ESM to authenticate your product.
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sconces Spider

small sconces

sconces with arms

sconce Spider 7 still arms, 1953

sconce Spider 5 still arms, 1953

sconce Spider 3 still arms, 1955

sconce Saturn, 1957

sconce Eye, 1956

sconce Flamme, 1962

sconce Conche, 1962

small sconce Antony, 1953

sconce 5 rotating arms, 1954

sconce 4 rotating arms, 1954

sconce 3 rotating arms, 1954

sconce 2 rotating arms, one curved, 1954

sconce 2 rotating straight arms, 1954

sconce 1 rotating curved arm, 1954

sconce 1 rotating straight arm, 1954

sconce 1 arm two rotulas, 1958

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Serge Mouille sconces

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