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Before creating his famous lightings, Serge Mouille (1922-1988) was a precocious and gifted child, who integrated the School of Applied Arts of Paris when he was only 13 years old. With the help of his master Gabriel Lacroix, he discovered the metalwork with a hammer and began a goldsmith career to Hénin and Cie. After the war, he worked as Applied Arts teacher and independent craftsman for various Parisian goldsmith houses.
The creator career of Serge Mouille began in 1951 as he met Jacques Adnet, from who the Danish editor Gubi reissue several works now. Adnet was the director of the French Arts Company and asked to Serge Mouille to create 'big lightings' for his South-American customers. Serge Mouille imagined then the famous Standing lamp 3 arms and Standing lamp one arm. That was the beginning of the « Formes Noires » collection to which he owes his worldwide reputation.
The critical acclaim and business success came in 1956, thanks to the gallery of Steph Simon, boulevard Saint Germain, who exposed Serge Mouille lightings with the works of Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, Isamu Noguchi and other leading figures of this functional integration movement for inside layout.
Serge Mouille, willing to use the new possibilities proposed by the neon-light, created in 1962 the “Colonnes Lumineuses” collection, which provocated misunderstanding and didn't really sell. Disappointed, he stopped his lighting production in 1963 and decided to only teach.
The Serge Mouille Editions (ESM) are the result of the meeting of his widow, Gin Mouille, and Claude Delpiroux in 1999. Located near Monthiers, in the south of Aisne, where Serge Mouille had his workshop, Serge Mouille Editions resumed the manufacturing of these lightings with the same forms, colours, dimensions and handmade manufacturing process. In fact, Serge Mouille always refused the industrial manufacturing in order to keep the particular aspect of the handmade hammering that he learnt with Gabriel Lacroix.
The ESM collection gathers 35 products – floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps or table lamps -, available in black or white. Each product is handmade, numbered and accompanied by an authencity certificate. In cases of doubt, don't hesitate to consult ESM to authenticate your product.
All the models of Serge Mouille's lamps are available in black or in white and some on special request. Delivery time +/-8 weeks.


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