Fabrics are sold by the decimeter (1 meter = 10 decimeters).
For example, If you need 2,2m, choose 22 units.
Width 145cm.
Pottery is a pattern that changes its shape every time you look at it. For Stig Lindberg, it was both the point of departure and the last stage of his career. In the early 1940s he created statues and also taught pottery at the university. Stig Lindberg is responsible for the classic Swedish children's book Krakel Spektakel, his patterned porcelain was found in every home in the 1940s and 1950s, and is now sold for high prices at international auctions. Stig also designed ceramics, television sets, money boxes, and even an hotel wall in Baghdad. He drew playing cards, wrapping paper and, towards the end, even playful, surrealistic textile patterns that rapidly became classics and wich are now preserved at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. Stig Lindberg was one of Sweden's most versatile artists, wich a contrary and humorous style. He was quick adopt the stencil printing technique, wich resulted in a number of surreal fabric prints with a cheerful undertone.
Material: 100% cotton, with anti-stain protection, 290gr/m2
Dimensions: 150cm, pattern repeat 45cm
Printing: pigmented ink
Care: wash at 40 °, half-load, low spin; do not tumble dry, do not bleach. Iron at high temperature.



Pottery fabric


design Stig Lindberg

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