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Louis Poulsen

PH Artichoke
design Poul Henningsen, 1958
The PH Artichoke is considered to be a classical masterpiece made by Poul Henningsen more than 40 years ago. The structure is made of twelve steel arches. On this structure PH placed 72 copper “leaves” in twelve circular rows with six blades in each row. Because each row is staggered from the previous, all 72 leaves are able to “cover for each other”. This design allows viewing the fixture from any angle without being able to see the light source located in the center of the PH Artichoke. The original PH Artichokes were developed for a restaurant in Copenhagen called the Langelinie Pavilion, and they are still hanging there today.
Dimensions 48cm, 60cm, 72cm et 84cm.
Light sources
diam. 48cm: 1 x 200W E27. LED E27 compatible.
diam. 60cm, 72cm and 84cm: 1 x 230W E27. LED E27 compatible.
Finish Copper (brushed and coated) – Stainless steel (brushed and coated) – White (wet painted) – Polished stainless steel.
Material Leaves: Punched copper, laser cut stainless steel or punched steel. Top shade: White, spun steel. Frame: High lustre chrome plated, laser cut steel. Suspension: High lustre chrome plated, spun aluminium.
Mounting Suspension type: Cable 3x0,75mm² & wire. Canopy: Yes. Cable length: 4m.
Weight Min: 4.8 kg Max: 27.8 kg
Class Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground.
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