Hand blown in a mould, the Bubble hangers come in two sizes and set up in the same manner as soap bubbles, in unpredictable forms. The result rejuvenates the home by adding colourful yet transparent touches. The designers have created a strong hanger with one point of anchorage, providing the illusion of fragility whilst assuring solidity.
«The Bubble hangers are like soap bubbles frozen forever. The stained glass aids this transformation by bringing a whimsical dimension to the object. The only anchor is in contact with the wall where a solid fixing allows the hook to be hung simply.» Vaulot & Dyèvre
Small L9.5 x W9.5 x H7.5 cm
Large L13 x W15 x H13 cm
Colours corail – blue – yellow – grey
Technical specifications integrated thred on the hanger. Universal peg provided.

Petite Friture


Bubble hangers


design Vaulot & Dyèvre, 2013

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