Normann Copenhagen


Pavilion rugs


design Britt Bonnesen

burgundy / lilac
black / dark blue

Dimensions 300x400cm

blush / dark green
powder blue / rust

Dimensions 200x280cm

blush / dark green
petrol / magenta
yellow / light pink

Dimensions 80x240cm

The Pavilion rugs are made from soft bamboo silk and feature broad stripes in bold color combinations.
The striped pattern of the Pavilion rug is scaled up in size, so it stands out in graphic simplicity, while atypical color combinations create an edgy, fashionable look. The gorgeous bamboo silk has a glossy texture that gives the rug an almost velvet-like surface.
Pavilion is available in 7 colours.
Dimensions 80x240cm, 200x280cm and 300x400cm
Material bamboo silk
Maintenance care Frequent vacuuming is recommended to preserve colours and appearance. Dry clean. 
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