Øivind Slaatto (born 1978) is a promising Danish designer, recognised for his simple and poetic solutions. Nature is Øivind's most important source of inspiration. He also seeks to transfer characteristics such as rationality, logic and harmony to his designs.
Øivind has a master's degree from the Danish Design School and studied music prior to this at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. An appreciation for music permeates his approach to the design process. He understands that 'practice makes perfect', and constantly seeks to refine his solutions. In his own words, he wants his designs to be like a piece of music being played – which people experience as simple and light.
He has worked with everything from speakers and cars to furniture and light fixtures. Developing lighting solutions is a specialty area and a great passion for Øivind, who has a natural affinity for light and therefore seeks to optimise the experience of light and ambience.

Louis Poulsen


Patera pendant


design Øivind Slaatto, 2015

Øivind Slaatto is fascinated by nature, and this is where he finds his inspiration. Particularly, he is fond of the Fibonacci sequense and other basic mathematical principles – like seen in the sunflower, cauliflower, seashells and the snail. The Fibonacci sequense was also been his inspiration for Patera. “My ultimate goal was to create a three-dimensional Sudoku. It was an extremely mathematical assignment. In fact, it’s the most complex light I have ever made ... I think it has a certain poetry about it, and my aim was to construct a modern crystal chandelier. I hope people will feel inspired to move around it. I hope it generates life.” (Øivind Slaatto)
The Patera pendant is a glowing sphere built up of small diamond-shaped cells. Each cell is carefully designed to capture light and to shield the light source from the viewing angles above 45 degrees. Each cell glows. Below 45 degrees, the fields are open to direct light downwards. A small amount of light is also sent upwards to illuminate the ceiling.
KEY FEATURES Soft and diffuse lighting combined with downwards directed light, glare free, 360° visible, looks nice from all angles, useable for a great number of applications, large rooms, stairwells etc. great architectural versatility, handmade, 2 light source options.

Dimensions Ø45, Ø60, Ø90 cm
Material cut matt PVC, matt-chromed brass
Mounting cable 4 meters (2x1.0mm2). Canopy.
Weight min 0.5 kg, max 12.1 kg
Light source Ø45cm E27 or LED DALI (42W, 2700K or 3000K)
Light source Ø60/90cm E27 or LED DALI (65W, 2700K or 3000K)
Class Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground (LED), II w/o ground (E27).
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