nougat / vanilla - Vera blanket
black / vanilla - Vera blanket
olive / vanilla - Vera blanket
turquoise / vanilla - Vera blanket
black / vanilla - Honey blanket
sand / vanilla - Honey blanket
turquoise / vanilla - Honey blanket
lemon / vanilla - Honey blanket

Pappelina blankets 50% cotton / 50% wool - 140x180cm

warm grey - Fia blanket
piglet - Fia blanket
turquoise - Fia blanket
lemon - Fia blanket

Pappelina blankets 100x140cm,

100% cotton

Designed by Lina Rickardsson and weaved in Klippan wool factory, in Sweden, Pappelina blankets are a variation of the plastic rugs that have made the brand so successful. Pappelina blankets are made with 100% cotton or 50% wool and 50% cotton chenille. These blankets are warm and sweet.
Sizes/materials 100x140cm 100% cotton, and 140x180cm 50% wool / 50% cotton. 
Care instructions Hand wash or dry clean. Not tumbling. Shrinks +/-4%. Hang out and sniff. 



Pappelina Blankets

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