Origo is a design lamp by the well-known Finnish designer, Eero Aarnio. Innolux Origo is expressing Aarnio’s view of the versatile use of the luminaire. Eero Aarnio’s playful style is evident in the design language of the luminaire. Origo is appealing with its pleasant round form and soft velvety surface. The upper part of the luminaire forms a smooth handle making it easy to carry from one place to another. The Origo product line comprises two design lamps, the sculpted floor lamp Original L and the appealing table lamp Origo S.
The history of the Origo luminaire starts fittingly for Finnish traditions with the smoke sauna. In Eero Aarnio’s smoke sauna, there is a wooden pillar supporting a bench and in its upper edge Aarnio has himself carved a handle to hold on to. The shape of this handle inspired the designer when he started designing the Origo bright light devices.
ORIGO S Ø120 x 400 mm Cord length 2,5 m Light source E27 included – Class IP 20 Weight 2,6 kg
ORIGO M Ø240 x 800 mm Cord length 2,7 m Light source E27 included – Class IP 44 Weight 3 kg 
ORIGO L Ø400 x 1200 mm Cord length 2,5 m Light source G5 included – Class IP 20 Weight 5,0 kg – Electronic ballast
Material Polyethene

Innolux design


ORIGO lamps

table lamp, floor lamp, outdoor lamp


design Eero Aarnio, 2007

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