Onkel sofas – 3 seaters

Onkel sofas – 2 seaters

Normann Copenhagen


Onkel sofa 2 and 3 seaters


design Simon Legald, 2012

The Onkel sofa consists of a simple, upholstered frame with cushions. The inspiration for the cushions derives from the more bombastic upholstered sofas typical of the pre-1950s era. To emphasise the merger of two completely different worlds of expression, the back cushion has been elegantly encapsulated by the frame. The materials in Onkel create a dynamic effect with its plain-colored frame, mottled back and cushion and color-lacquered under frame. All in the same color shade. This is what makes Onkel stand as a complete unit.
Onkel comes in four colour versions upholstered with fabrics from Gabriel: dark grey, light grey, purple, blue.
Size 3-seaters Side height 40cm - depth 80cm - seat depth 63cm - length 235cm
Size 2-seaters Side height 40cm - depth 80cm - seat depth 63cm - length 185cm
Material underframe lacquered wood Frame Fame fabric from Gabriel Cushion and back Step Melange fabric from Gabriel.
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