7 colours
4 models
model n°1
H10 x L13 x D7,3 cm
model n°1
H8 x L16 x D7,3 cm
model n°4
H19 x L28 x D8,8 cm
model n°3
H14 x L10 x D7,3 cm
Pocket organizer is a versatile and decorative wall-mounted storage solution. The simple, rounded silhouette gives Pocket a friendly and welcoming feel. Inspired by a bulging shirt pocket, Simon Legald has designed Pocket so that it curves outwards. The flat opening at the top and the rounded bottom completes this reference. In the design of Pocket, Simon Legald has drawn inspiration from a full shirt pocket and created a flexible wall-mounted storage solution that is perfect for all of those small things around the home. Pocket has a variety of uses ranging from a magazine holder and planter to storage of make-up, kitchen utensils, office supplies and lots more
Material polypropylene
Couleurs black, white, light grey, powder blue, dark green, yellow gold, spicy orange.
Model n°1 H8 x L16 x D7,3 cm Model n°2  H10 x L13 x D5,4 cm Model n°3 H14 x L10 x D7,3 cm Model n°4 : H19 x L28 x D8,8 cm

Normann Copenhagen


Pocket Organizer


design Simon Legald

clothes, bags, acces. 
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