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Designed by Hans Hornemann, Slice is a round dining table made in solid oak, with refined lines. Slice round dining table is available in lacquered oak and in oak covered by linoleum. The series is composed by coffee tables, rectangular dining tables and benches. Slice series opens up for a wealth of new interior design opportunities in both private homes as well as offices, bars and restaurants. 
Materials oak veneer, linoleum
Linoleum Linoleum is a natural material, made of a combination of linseed oil, resin, limestone, saw dust, and natural pigments, with a touch that is both supple and warm. It is a matte-looking material, very easy to maintain it, which can be scratched slightly but whose surface regenerates itself.

Ø200 x H74 cm

Ø95 x H74 cm

Ø120 x H74 cm

Normann Copenhagen


Slice round dining tables 


design Hans Hornemann, 2017

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