from left to right: Normfred, Normus, Norm, Norma & NormNorm
The Normies are a family of 5 small figurines in painted concrete, with an organic and humorous appearance. All different, each represents a character with its own colour and personality: Normfred, Normus, Norm, Norma and NormNorm. The Normies are decorative objects that will find their place in all types of interiors.
The Normies are the result of a new collaboration between Normann Copenhagen and the designer Simon Legald, who has also designed the Amp lamps, the Oona carpets, the Nyhavn vases and many more.
Material  Painted concrete.
Couleurs  Purple, rust, blue, rose, petrol.
Heights  5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 10cm.

Normann Copenhagen




concrete figurines


design Simon Legald, 2017

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