Normann Copenhagen


Norm 03 pendant


design Britt Kornum

Norm03 is a modern self-assembly lamp shade in 39 pcs designed with organic and simple ginally took shape in Britt Kornum's hands and was hung above her dining tableWhen lit Norm 03 gives a sculptural light effect on your wall. No tools or glue needed. When the lamp is turned on it casts a shadow on the ceiling that reinforces the 'alive' impression. Two long foil strips fold in and out of each other in a snake-like pattern, creating, in their own way, order from chaos. It was awarded the Formland Award 2003, and was nominated in the 'Best Item' category at Imm Cologne 2004.
Norm 03 is delivered in flat box. It goes without tools or glue: ten fingers are quite enough, not even very clever. An aluminum version it was added in 2009.
Dimensions S: H32 x Ø53 cm – L: H40 x Ø65 cm
Materials plastic
clothes, bags, acces. 
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