Normann Copenhagen


Norm 06 pendant


design Simon Karkov, 2006

Norm 06 Suspension was designed by Simon Karkov, after the success of the Norm 69. The Norm 06 comes in three sizes, each one showing a flower at a different stage of development: almost closed for the small 06 Name of 43cm, half-open for the 62cm version, and completely fulfilled for the great Norm 06 of 85cm.
Simon Karkov says: "I first worked on the Norm 06 for 3-4 years and then, like many of my other projects, I had to ripen my idea for a while and come back a few months later. the design is inspired by nature, the lilies and water lilies. Norm 06 is in the tradition of Danish design, which hides the light bulbs in order to spread a soft light and glare."
Norm 06 is delivered in flat box and is installed without tools or glue.
Electric system not included.
Dimensions S: H24 x Ø43 cm – M: H30 x Ø62 cm – L: H32 x Ø85 cm
Material plastic
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