GM9924 – oak – with stainless steel pointy legs
GM9920 – walnut – with stainless steel pointy legs – with extension poles
GM9920 – walnut – with stainless steel pointy legs
black laminated
white laminated
black ash
white oiled ash
soaped ash
lacquered oak
oiled oak
white oiled oak
soaped oak
The Point series is a collection of tables with organic and soft shapes. The design is completed by the pointy legs, that are available both with or without steel base. The standard is without steelbase. 
With lots of different variations a table from the Point series can give many architectural expressions. The table top thickness is 30 mm. and available with white or black laminated top as well as in solid wood in ash, oak and walnut. Each wood and treatment with an expression of its own.
With extension poles.
GM9920 L200 x W100 x H74 cm GM9924 L240 x W100 x H74 cm
Options with or without stainless steel pointy legs
Finishes soaped oak – white oiled oak – oiled oak – lacquered oak – soaped ash – white oiled ash – black ash – walnut – white laminated – black laminated

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GM9920/24 Point tables



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