Dimensions 39 x 39 x 40 cm – Materials 100% New-Zealand wool – Technique hand loomed – Type Dhurrie – Densité 156 000 nœuds / ㎡ – Filling PU foam  – Base chipboard birch – Structure chipboard – Volume 0,12 m3 – Weight 7 kg – Care hand wash
Dimensions 170 x 240 cm et 200 x 300 cmMaterials 100% New-Zealand wool – Technique hand loomed – Type Dhurrie – Density 75 000 knots / ㎡ – Total height 6 mm – Weight 1,50 kg / ㎡ – Care can be dry-cleaned
Antislide pad included
Special dimensions available on order: please ask

Shade poufs

Shade rugs

The Shade collection is inspired by magical moments in nature where colors melt and speak for themselves. Designer Begüm Cana Özgür emphasizes: "this is a handmade flat-weave rug that generates an incredible and well-rounded diffusion of color. The surface releases a sense of tranquillity and well-being that is balanced by the penetrating vibration of colors."
This collection of exquisite simplicity reflects a complex technical process to achieve the density, regularity, and fluidity of the desired effect. Two gradients converge in each rug, one vertical and one horizontal, in the same plane, harmonically using six transitional shades.
Shade is available in four ombré palettes: from turquoise to eggplant, russet to Klein blue, raspberry to forest green and grey to brownish garnet.



Shade rugs and poufs


design Begüm Cana Özgür and Marcos Catalan

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