True to her design roots, Nani Marquina launched her namesake brand in 1987, a time in which contemporary rugs were non-existent in Spain.
After studying industrial design at the Escuela Massana of Barcelona and enjoying the success of her first bespoke textile designs, Nani launched nanimarquina, a brand dedicated to the design, creation, and distribution of rugs and textile products for the home, based on values such as observation, innovation, and enthusiasm, with the goal to use traditional craftsmanship and techniques to create contemporary pieces.
In 1993, Nani Marquina embarked on a daring business venture: she moved manufacturing facilities to the north of India. The further incorporation of craftsmanship and tradition as a new design concept marked a clear difference, consolidating the brand.
Throughout the years, the brand has garnered numerous awards such as the National Design Award and the Premi Cambra a la Gestió Empresarial (Chamber Award for Design Management) in 2005, as well as several nominations for the Príncipe Felipe Award for Company Excellence. Nani Marquina has also recently received the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Award from the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, a personal achievement that led to the 2007 FIDEM Award for Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year. She has enjoyed tenure as the Chairwoman of ADP (Professional Design Association), and of Red (Reunión Empresas de Diseño). Starting in 2014, Nani Marquina is the President of the FAD, (Foment de les Arts i Disseny), in Barcelona.
Mélange Pattern 5
Mélange Pattern 4
Mélange Pattern 3
Mélange Pattern 2
Mélange Pattern 1
Mélange Pattern 1
Mélange Colour 3
Mélange Colour 2
Mélange Colour 1
Mélange Stripes 2
Mélange Stripes 1
Mélange Stripes 1
Mélange Zoom
Mélange Zoom
Born in New York, Sybilla started her international career in 1987 with her first fashion show in Milan, where she obtained an overwhelming success. Her collections mainly distributed in Japan are elegant and sensual, patronage elaborate and exquisite fabrics and subtle. It has now relaunched its brand globally after some years dedicated exclusively to the promotion of projects related to environmental sustainability.
Nani Marquina & Sybilla
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 38 cm – Materials 100% hand spun afghane wool – Technique hand loomed – Type Kilim – Densité 156 000 nœuds / ㎡ – Filling PU foam  – Legs ash – Structure MDF – Weight 6,5 kg – Care hand wash
Dimensions 80x140 cm, 80x240 cm, 140x200 cm, 170x240 cm, 200x300 cm and 300x400 cmMaterials 100% hand spun Afghan wool – Technique hand loomed – Type Kilim – Density 156 000 knots / ㎡ – Total height 4 mm – Weight 1,40 kg / ㎡ – Care can be dry-cleaned
Antislide pad included
Additional treatments (stain-resistant and damp-resistant) available on order: please ask
Special dimensions available on order: please ask

Melange poufs

Melange rugs

Mélange is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, fashion and home, craft and design, past and future. The collection composed by 20 models symbolizes a blending of marked contradictions that work together, acting as complements.
Thanks to the simplification of classic motifs such as geometric patterns and a pared colour palette, the Mélange is a contemporary version of the Kilim. An exercise in aesthetic rationalization that upholds the ancestral handcrafted techniques of Pakistan.
Combining coordinated poufs add a touch on the atmosphere that refers directly to the oriental culture in which everything is done almost at ground level.
A giant patchwork effect is achieved by overlaying the Mélange rugs, perfect for decorative purposes and warmth.



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