A nanimarquina classic. A patchwork of twenty colours, a decorative melody.
During one of the many visits to India, while observing a sample of wool fibres grouped by colour tones, Nani Marquina envisioned the embryo of one of the brand’s most emblematic designs.
Twenty colours form a magic checkerboard of vibrant colours that create a rhythmic sensation of movement. This design, born from a seemingly random combination of shades, actually follows a very specific linear sequence.
Dimensions 85 x 135 cm, 170 x 240 cm, 200 x 300 cm and 300 x 400 cm – Materials 100% New Zealand wool – Technique hand tufted – Density 56000 knots / ㎡ – Wool pile height 14 mmTotal height 20 mm – Weight 4,50 kg / ㎡  – Care dry cleaning not recommended
Special dimensions available on order: please ask



Cuadros Rug


design Nani Marquina

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