Elevated vase
design Thomas Bentzen, 2013

Elevated is a hand made vase that uses an unexpected mix of materials to support the design aim and reflect its Nordic origins. Ash wood is chosen to represent heavy and grounded, while glass is used to represent light and airy. The design of the vase plays with the contrast between the airy glass top and the heavy solid base of the vase. Made with mouth blown glass, Elevated is sculptural and decorative, even when displayed without flowers or branches.
Thomas Bentzen, former designer at Louise Campell Studio, started his own studio in 2010. He is co-founder of the design collective REMOVE and his products have received International recognition at fairs and exhibitions all over the world.
Dimensions: Ø 16,7 cm - H 21,9 cm
Base: Mouth blown glass and solid ash wood.
Color: Grey, green and rose
clothes, bags, acces. 
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