100% cotton sheets

Marimekko knit Tasaraita duvets have rapidly become a big favourite. And it´s no wonder – you´ll feel as cosy wrapped in them as you do in your striped shirts. Washing the duvet cover is easy, the bottom hem has a central opening to extract and insert the duvet.
The duvet covers are 100% cotton jersey. The sheets are in cotton.

100% cotton jersey duvet covers



100% cotton –

140x240cm + 43x44cm

interior cloth + bag set

100% cotton – 40 x 40 cm



100% cotton – 43x44 cm


shopping bag

When jeans started to become increasingly popular among both women and men, Annika Rimala wanted to design a collection of cotton jersey clothes to go with jeans. For all denim lovers, regardless of age, size or gender. That’s how Marimekko’s first cotton jersey collection was born. Evenly striped, expressing equality.

cushion cover

100% cotton – Width 145cm

cotton fabric




Tasaraita pattern

– Home collection –


design Annika Rimala,1968

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