Loop Stand supporting frame
In the case of an intense use, Hay advises the use of a supporting frame, for stability and to hold the table top correctly.

250x92.5cm table – height 97cm


table – height 97cm

180x87.5cm table – height 97cm


table – height 97cm

Ø90cm table – height 97cm

white laminate + white powder coated steel
black lino + black powder coated steel
The Loop Stand Collection is a series of furniture designed by Leif Joergensen for HAY. The collection consists of basic and usable furniture at affordable prices. Loop Stand is a simplification of the industrial trestle and designed with three legs. It is a collection of trestles in two heights – dining table and high table; in square and round – as well as wardrobe stands in two lengths. Inspired by traditional trestles Loop Stand uses a simple idiom which lays emphasis on a three dimensional and graphic look. The Loop Stand Dining trestle was originally designed for the fashion/art shop Storm in Copenhagen where Leif Joergensen designed the interior.
2 finishes available  Black linoleum with black ash edge + black base, white laminate with plywood edge + white base
For stability, a Loop Stand Support is recommended for all rectangular tables.



Loop Stand High Table


design Leif Jørgensen

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