To draw the Avion pendant, Iskos-Berlin was absorbed in his old fascination with aircraft, especially for Zeppelins, these large oblong airships that marked his childhood fantasy by associating wind and lightness. Despite its large size, Avion is a discrete and delicate pendant. Made of polypropylene, it emits a soft and multi-directional light, cozy and comfortable. The Avion pendant can be suspended isolated in a house, but also in groups in a hotel lobby, in a restaurant or in a large room by creating irregular shapes or alignments to structure space.
Materials polypropylene, ABS/PC – white PVC cord – ceiling attachment chrome
Dimensions 85 x H34,2 cm – 6m cord and wire
Light source 2 x E27 or GX24q-4 2x42W. IP20 class 2.
Weight 6.7kg



Avion pendant


design Iskos-Berlin

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