Xmas tree
A Totem take on the Christmas tree - to combine with or replace the one from the tree farm! Lots of fun for the whole family to set up together, the Xmas Tree will lend a warm and festive glow to the room. The Xmas Tree includes an angel, a deer, peace doves, candles and decorations, and is topped with a star. Once the New Year has come, put all the pieces back in the box to rebuild a year later or invent all the un-Xmas trees you can think of while you wait!  Will not lose needles. Ages 6+. 150 pieces.  Size when set up 29,5*23,6*23,6 inch cm. Made from recycled cardboard. 70*60*60 cm.
Build this beautiful butterfly!  Fly it around and play or set it up in your room for a hint of summer. Ages 6+. Size when set up: 10,2*9,8 inch Ca 30 pieces.
Made of recycled cardboard.
Make this beautiful tree of life including 2 birds, a birdhouse, and mushrooms growing on the tree trunk. When assembled the tree is 70 cm high and 60 cm wide. Set it up in your room to admire, or undo it and magically transform it to make one of your own creations. Printed with all sorts of wood and plant textures, as well as with hidden 'messages' such as a print of crushed soda cans. Ages 6+. Over 170 pieces. Made from recycled cardboard. Dimensions: 27,6*23,6*23,6 inch
Build this sweet fox with its three cubs.  Let the cubs explore the forest with their sly fox mum. Made of recycled cardboard.Set up: 17*36 cm. 43 building pieces.
Age 6+.
Fly out with the pilot and discover the Sahara desert or peaks of the Hymalayas. 42 building pieces. Made of recycled cardboard. Age 6+. Built up: 11,8*15,7 inch, 42 building pieces. Made from recycled cardboard. Age 6+.
People of the world
Let them come alive……..these beautiful people of the world. Each of them wonderfully dressed and unique. Twelve persons from various parts of the world, let them tell their stories and meet each other. 12 cardboard sheets of 15cm x 15cm. Made from recycled cardboard. Age 3+.

Kidsonroof recycled cardboard objects are designed to awake the imagination and aesthetic sense: horses containing bells, tree climbing, butterflies and strange creatures assembled from precut plates adorned with beautiful illustrations, offices cardboard ...
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